People: Like no offense to asexuals or anything but I'm afraid of new sexualities coming in and making the LGBTQIAP+ longer.
Asexual: Oh! Use MOGAI! It stands for Marginalized Orientations, Gender Alignments, and Intersex. It's more inclusive, sounds cute, and I don't think it'll get longer!
People: And now even aromantic people are trying to get in on this? Like "A is for asexuals and aromantics, not allies". Soon it'll have to be LGBTQIAAP+! Oh yeah. Forgot agender! AAAP.
Aromantic: We don't want to inconvenience you with our presence. That's why we already came up with a solution. Can you please switch to MOGAI?
People: If only there was a way that we could be inclusive and not have to say a mouthful....
Person: I guess we may never know....
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New Music: Gold Mine — Kimbra

Kimbra is back and she just dropped a new album, The Golden Echo. This new music veers off course from her debut Vows: those who are used to Kimbra’s soulful and jazzy sounds will be pleasantly surprised to find a new pop, pseudo-hip-hop side of her. “Goldmine” is arguably one of the strongest songs on Echo, and carries the right balance of synth pop and silky lyrics, slightly reminiscent of an early Natasha Bedingfield.

So make sure you check out Kimbra’s new work. Enjoy, y’all!

I actually disagree and think there are much stronger tunes on the album! I couldn’t name THE strongest or best but while goldmine is a great one, I’d argue that Love in High Places and Carolina and Everlovin’ Ya are of the strongest, just my opinion though!

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Most People: "Classical/instrumental music is great to study to."
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why do girls have fake pockets when guys can fit a laptop in theirs 

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"I am not sorry it’s over,
but I think my hands might always ache
for the symmetry of yours
and I hope you understand that now
as well as you used to."

"Palm To Palm" Trista Mateer  (via johnatha)
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Reversed GIFs [via]

Previously: Animals Being Jerks

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